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Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas For The Family

By Macy Matundan December 04, 2018

As Christmas day arrives, people get more busy than usual. Loads of year-end reports at the office, holiday travels, and Christmas shopping sprees are just some of the things found on their list of to-do’s. There are many ways to do your shopping in a more practical, smart, and convenient way. One of these is through shopping online. So what will be the type of gifts you will have for your family this year? Different jewelry pieces! And shopping for
beautiful jewelry gifts will be so much more interesting than you think.

Giving jewelry as gifts for your family this Christmas will not only save you time, but more importantly you will be able to show them how much you value your moments and experiences with them. This is by showing these cherished memories through the jewelry pieces you pick for each of them.

Go ahead and read on, and learn the different kinds of jewelry you can give to each member of your family. For sure, your mom, dad, brothers and sisters, and spouse or partner will appreciate how thoughtful you are this season.

Handsome Gifts For Dad

Like in one of our previous posts, we’ve already discussed that jewelry pieces are not only for women; men can also enjoy expressing themselves through jewelry. Give your dad something that you know he will be enjoying wearing everyday.

Get this handsome stainless steel and black leather bracelet from Lavari Jewelers.

Make sure that the jewelry piece you pick for your dad is something that depicts his personality. Surprise him with a bracelet or a necklace that symbolizes a certain experience you had together. For instance, try to remember the fondest and most fun experience you had with him when you were still a kid. Perhaps you used to do boat race at the park when you were little, then you may give your dad an anchor bracelet.

Get this cool stainless steel and lava bead bracelet from Lavari Jewelers.

You may also try to explore other pieces for your dad, like a cool stainless steel necklace or a stainless steel ring which he can use for quite a long time. Whatever type of jewelry piece it will be, the important thing to keep in mind is to give him jewelry that is meaningful to your relationship with your dad.

Mom’s Sparkling Presents

Lavari Jewelers has several collections that we’re sure your mom will love! From simple designs to totally elegant and expensive ones, we got you all covered.

When choosing a jewelry piece to give your mom, like what I mentioned earlier, think of your fondest memories with her. And then try to copy those precious moments into something tangible, which is through jewelry.

For example, you remember going outdoors with her and waiting patiently for shooting stars to come by. Or that she used to tell you stories and facts about stars and constellations, for instance. Then you may opt to give her a sterling silver necklace with a pretty cubic zirconia star pendant. I’m sure she will remember your bonding moments under the stars from years back!

You may also opt to spoil your mom with this pair of gorgeous earrings from Lavari Jewelers. It is one of the jewelry pieces you will see under Lux Collection.

Purchase this beautiful pair of gold gemstone diamond drop earrings from Lavari Jewelers.

Bro’s Bling

Surprise your brother with a jewelry this Christmas. Try giving him this Shamballa bracelet and talk to him about the meaning of this interesting piece.

Shamballa with white crystals is said to bring clarity and purity to its owner.

Again, you can also think of an experience that stands out among all the most exciting ones you had with your sibling. It could be about that inside joke you have about skulls or gothic stuff. Or about that one time you both went for an out of town trip and you both forgot to bring a USB for your charger. Use the funniest and unique memories you have with your brother, and translate them into a jewelry gift for him.

Get this stainless steel with black leather gothic bracelet  and this very cool USB functionality bracelet made of stainless steel and brown leather, both from Lavari Jewelers

My Sister’s Treasure

Give your sister a jewelry piece that she can add to her collection of nice things. To make it more meaningful, give her a pair of her birthstone. This way, you will be giving her a gift that is personal and pretty at the same time.

Your sister will love this pair of white gold gemstone drop earrings.

There are lots of other jewelry pieces that bear your sister’s birthstone. Explore our website and point on “Shop by Stone” and see our various collections according to birthstone!

A Sweet Surprise For My Sweetheart

Depending on your partner’s interests and on your experiences together, give him or her something memorable and sweet. I suggest giving your partner a necklace with a locket pendant, with both of your tiny pictures inside.

Stainless steel locket pendant necklace with enamel

As long as you give your partner a jewelry gift that has meaning that the both of you understand, I’m pretty sure he/she will appreciate it so much!


Jewelry as Christmas gifts to the family is a practical and thoughtful way to celebrate the season of giving. Jewelry are precious and valuable. You can always put your thought on the pieces through thoroughly looking at the unique personalities of your family members and matching them to certain types of jewelry.

You won’t get stressed too much in finding the perfect piece for them. With Lavari Jewelers website, it will be so easy to look for the perfect jewelry for your family.Whatever personality or style they have, you will find something for them in our website. As what we always say: Your style, your story. We will help you express your story through our jewelry collections.

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