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Do I Need To Change My Jewelry Style this New Year?

By Macy Matundan February 01, 2019


For some, a brand new year requires a refreshing change of style. A lot of people tend to anticipate the new trends for the new year and vigorously look into fashion shows and take notes on which designs and accessories are going to look cool on them. If you are one of them, then enjoy reinventing your jewelry style this 2019!

Making the decision to abruptly change the types of jewelry pieces you wear is something you are free to do; it will depend on how you feel and what style you think will truly show your personality. Modifying your style through jewelry is also a fun way to tell your story: from a simple lady to a sophisticated woman or a hipster guy to a minimalist fellow. The thing is whatever personal narrative you want to share with the world, it is up to you which one it will be.

To further give you perspective on which style you want to explore this year, read along because we have some updates on the jewelry pieces that are hot this 2019. If you are planning to experiment your look with these new trends then this article is especially for you!

  • What types of jewelry are actually trending this year?


  • Pearls and chains
  • Bright-colored earrings
  • Thick hoops
  • Charm bracelets

Types of jewelry trending this year

The 2019 spring collections during the fashion shows in New York, London, Paris, and Milan have showcased a number of classic pieces that we had loved from the past years. Quite interestingly, this year’s jewelry trend is all about the familiar pieces, such as bracelets and necklaces, that are worn together piled on top of each other.

Earrings for this year are going to be daring and thus exciting: thick hoop earrings and dangling ones that reach the shoulders are some examples. These are just some of the accessories that will fill your social media feeds for a while.

If by now you’re still reading this, then I am almost certain that you are ready to explore this guide about the jewelry trends for 2019.

Pearls and chains

To begin, a lot of the following jewelry suggestions are ones that I’m pretty sure you already have in your jewelry box. One essential thing that we are about to discuss  is how you style these existing pieces you have on hand right now. First example would be the chains and pearls.

Chains or chain links may seem very ordinary, but it’s having a come-back this 2019. There is actually nothing new about chain links, but for this year, the trend about chain links or simply chains are the patterns that come along with the design.

These pieces are suggested to individuals who are into the hip-hop scene or to those who like to be in between minimalist and relatively loud jewelry styles. The chains jewelry generally represent simplicity. Meanwhile, chain designs in 2019 are more complex and extravagant. This year, fashion enthusiasts like to showcase bolder pieces out of chains and chain links.


To make sure that you look your best with your chains, learn which chain length best suits you.

Although it is said that jewelry trends for 2019 tends to be on the “maximalist” style, pearls are still “in” this year (hooray for classics!).

All types of pearl jewelry are in-style in 2019: from huggies to necklaces down to bracelets and rings. Its timeless beauty allows it to be included in trends: may it be minimalist or otherwise.

In relation to pearls, another jewelry that’s having its reign this year are seashell jewels. These pieces will stand out, giving people the summer vibes all throughout the year!

Bright-colored earrings

Bolder and more creative: these are what brightly colored earrings want to convey this 2019! More often, earrings are usually the jewelry pieces that are easiest to spot on a person. As people meet new acquaintances in parties and events, for instance, the earrings they wear may give a hint about his/her personality.

Look at the idea of first impressions last.

If you want to make an impact to your friends, old and new, choosing to change your style from a neutral-colored pair of earrings to bright-colored ones is a wonderful and bold move to do. Finding your favorite colors to match your moods is also a great way to express your personality through jewelry.

Thick hoops

Hoop earrings has always been one of the classic jewelry types. And yes, they are here to stay in 2019. But more specifically, very thick hoop earrings are what’s trending this year.

Remember, this year’s fashion trend is sending such a message: the bolder, the better! Thick hoop earrings will dominate the fashion scene this 2019. This piece promotes sophistication and a high regard for making a statement. The idea is to stand out amongst the crowd by expressing your bold personality. Thick hoop earrings may represent confidence and a profoundness in self awareness.

I personally am a fan of thick hoop earrings because for one, it helps me in standing out in a room full of people as it gives me a sense of self-confidence, and it likewise gives an extra boost to my style even if I only wear something really simple, for example, on a regular day.

If you're uncertain in sporting thick hoop earrings, there's no harm in checking out which size hoop earrings best fit you.

Charm bracelets

In 2019, charm bracelets are in style again, with different charms and symbolisms that go with each. Like the other pieces on this article, charm bracelets hold a lot of details and thus showcase a person’s creativity.

Furthermore, charm bracelets are best for sentimental individuals who love to savor precious moments and materializing such events into cute, little charms. And in order to remember these experiences, one prefers to wear these symbolisms on their wrists most of the time.

Not only do charms have been becoming a trend for bracelets. These are actually also trendy in chain belts, too! Imagine a bigger set of charm bracelet and instead of wearing on your wrist, you place it on your waist. These charm jewelry sets are interesting because this type of jewelry represent a person’s character and interests, depending on the kind of charms hung on them.

It’s relatively easy to show an individual’s personality through charm bracelets (and belts) as a person gets to choose which items to attach to them. A person gets a chance to select those charms representing memories that are so dear to him/her that he/she wants to be reminded every time the jewelry is worn.

Your Style, Your Story

Again, whatever style you choose to adopt in 2019 is up to you. As long as you make sure that you truly want it, then go for it! Sometimes, comfort and style can be achieved both at the same time.

Changing one’s style is definitely an exciting new adventure a person will take. It’s something personal; a person’s style is a manifestation of her/his unique characteristics. One’s style surely tells of that person’s story.

Go ahead and if you feel like you want something fresh this new year, reinvent your style and see the jewelry trends for 2019. You might be surprised that these jewelry pieces speak to you on a very personal level. The most important thing is that you enjoy whichever style you will be trying on for the next seasons.

Let Lavari Jewelers help you in reinventing your 2019 style! Check out our collections and find your new self this year.

And don’t forget: Your Style, Your Story.

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