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Here comes the season of holiday shopping, gift-giving, and reuniting with friends. More than being the season of gift-giving, however, Christmas is also the season of contemplating on the friendships you had and you still keep. This is going to be the best time to catch up with your friends after the busy months of 2018. And it would be nice to give them something that will keep on reminding them of you even if you all get busy again the year ahead.

Giving your friends holiday gifts is more than just merely a chore during this season. It is more of a thoughtful gesture showing how you value the experiences you had with your friends. And giving a jewelry piece, specifically a bracelet, will be a perfect choice for them to remember you all the time.

Giving bracelets as holiday gifts to your friends will be a great idea, as these jewelry pieces will constantly remind your friends of how you value them. Read along and visit the Lavari Jewelers website to look for bracelet collections that your friends will appreciate and wear for a very long time.

Here are some of the good reasons why giving bracelets to your friends as holiday gifts is a good idea:

  • You can choose a design according to your special experiences with each of them
  • A pair of bracelets will show your closeness with each other and the same interests you both share; you can also choose something useful to the both of you
  • If you and your friend share a birth month, matching bracelets with your birthstone would be a great idea
  • Both of you and your friend can have the same bracelet but still can show your different personalities and styles

Read along and learn more about the bracelet gifts you will give your friends this holiday season. Lavari Jewelers has the most interesting and gorgeous bracelet collections just for you!

Your Experiences, Your Bracelet Designs

You and your friend have shared a lot of experiences through the years. Experiences that are so unique, only the both of you have shared. Immortalizing these precious memories through bracelets would be so awesome and thoughtful!

This brown leather stainless steel wrap bracelet from Lavari Jewelers can be given to a friend who loves something bold and strong-looking.

For instance, you can give your friend a leather bracelet to symbolize the time you both spent in a ranch for some time. It can be a symbolism of the fun experiences you have doing horseback riding and other activities in the countryside.


Your Hobbies and Interests Reflect In Your Friendship Bracelets

Give your friend a bracelet that signifies that hobby or interest the both of you share. For your friend whom you have shared a great time cruising, a pair of anchor bracelets can be a good holiday gift for her or him. If you both love Halloween or something gothic, then give your friend something funky and fun that you know she or he will wear all the time.


Friendship Bracelets That Are Useful To Both Of You

You can also give your friend something unique and useful! Share a pair of bracelets that you can use during a road trip. An example would be this awesome functionality bracelet that both of you can use wherever you go.


Your friend will surely appreciate one of these Stainless Steel and Black Leather iPhone Charging USB Functionality Bracelets from Lavari Jewelers

Birthstone For The Besties

Sharing the same birth month with your best bud can be thrilling. Imagine a joint celebration or a major getaway with your friend! This holiday season, give her or him a bracelet that holds your same birthstones and celebrate using your matching jewelry! It's quite interesting once you learn about the various meanings of each birthstone. Check them out!

Purchase this gorgeous Gemstone and Opal Heart and Diamond Sterling Silver Bracelet from the Lavari Jewelers website.

Same Bracelets, Varying Personalities!

Even though you and your friend have different personalities and styles, you can still give them a friendship bracelet! There are many bracelet designs that may look the same but there are certain details that still vary. And this will be perfect for friends who want to share something special even though they have different taste and styles.


So different but still the same...Get these Stainless Steel Heart Locket Pendant Necklaces from Lavari Jewelers


You can always find matching bracelets for your good friends to give this holiday season! These bracelets show your and your friend’s interests and shared experiences. It’s also worth noting that you can have different types of friendship bracelets depending on the type of friendship you share with each of them. Giving friendship bracelets is a good idea during the holidays, as this season, being the last months of the year, is likewise a good time to strengthen friendships further for the next years and decades to come!

Lavari Jewelers Bracelet Collection

Lavari Jewelers is here to help you find the perfect friendship bracelet as holiday gifts this season! Our bracelet collection that will surely have a piece that will fit your friends’ personalities. Go ahead and choose the best pieces for the holidays. Remember, the earlier preparations, the better!

Happy shopping!

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