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Some men get intimidated when they have to give their girlfriend jewelry as a gift. Some just simply have no idea what to give their girl, while some think purchasing jewelry will burn a hole in their pocket. But that’s not the case; it’s really easy and affordable to purchase beautiful jewelry pieces to give your sweetheart.

The importance of talking about how much to spend for jewelry to give your girlfriend lies on your budget cap, your income, and the occasion for when you are going to give her the gift (for instance, gifts to give her on Valentine's day). Knowing which types of jewelry gift you can buy for your girlfriend depending on the factors mentioned will save you time and effort you can use to spend more on her instead.

We will also cite examples of jewelry gifts from the Lavari Jewelers collection depending on price ranges to further help you in choosing the best piece to purchase. As always, the things I am about to discuss here are suggestions that you may or may not opt to follow. These are only tips that are applicable in general. You know her best. I am just here to guide you along the way.

Consult Your Budget

Before anything else, first, decide what your budget ceiling is for the jewelry. Decide on how much you are comfortable to spend on jewelry for your girlfriend. Assess yourself: are you willing to pay for something quite expensive (for instance, a piece that costs equal to a month’s salary) or one that’s just in a reasonable price range?

Note, though, that the amount you will allot to the jewelry will not measure how much you love your girlfriend. Most women look at and appreciate more the effort you put in selecting the jewelry piece you give her. As cliche as it may sound, “it’s still the thought that counts!”

Typeof Jewelry and Occasion When to Give It

Now that you have determined your budget, the next thing to know is which type of jewelry to give her. Will it be a bracelet, or pendant, necklace, pair of earrings? After this, know your girl’s style and lifestyle, to help you even more in choosing the best piece she will be wearing all the time. For more tips and suggestions, check out our previous article on What Kind Of Jewelry Should You Give Your Girlfriend.

Are you both into adventure or sports? Consider your girlfriend’s lifestyle to make sure she will wear your gift all the time, wherever her next adventure is!

The next thing to consider is the occasion when you are going to give the jewelry gift. Is it for your anniversary? Or for her birthday? Or are you going to give her the gift just because? Depending on the occasion, you may opt to give her a jewelry fit to the moment.

As a suggestion, give her a luxurious jewelry for a very special celebration, for example, for your anniversary. You will surely find something extravagant and very appropriate for that very special occasion here in the Lavari Jewelers Lux collection.

Starburst pendant with diamonds from Lavari Jewelers


If your budget, however, doesn’t allow for pricey fine jewelry, then consider buying her something made of sterling silver or stainless steel. They are also pretty and lustrous; they just need more effort in their maintenance.

Sterling silver pendant with peridot and diamond accent from Lavari Jewelers necklace collection

Note also that sterling silver and/or stainless steel jewelry connotes a fun and casual occasion. Gold and other precious metals and gems usually mean serious and established ties. Furthermore, a ring will likewise mean you intend to be with her for a very long time (or for ever). Depending on your relationship status, carefully choose which type and form of jewelry to give her.

Affordable Ones

You can always give her affordable jewelry. Lavari Jewelers has a pearl collection that are so budget-friendly and still are very beautiful and enchanting. Your girlfriend will still be surprised once she opens your gift.

Affordable freshwater pearl sterling silver pendant necklace from Lavari Jewelers

Pearl jewelry are not only affordable but are super stylish as well. They are so classic and thus versatile. In fact, your girlfriend can wear these during a casual lunch date with her girl friends and even in a special event in the office.

Other Lavari Jewelers affordable pieces are found below. Check them out in our website.

This pair of flower and butterfly nose rings is available at the Lavari Jewelers website

This quirky stainless steel hammered texture ring with ion plating is a fun piece to give your girlfriend

This 10K gold adjustable toe ring is perfect for your girlfriend


Lavari Jewelers Collection

At the end of the day, the jewelry you will give her should be the piece that you know she will enjoy wearing. It doesn’t matter if you want something else on her, if she doesn’t want that style then please don’t give her that. When giving her a gift, the things you should primarily consider are: her style and preference, your budget, your relationship status, and the occasion when you’re handing her the gift.

Whatever jewelry piece it may be, Lavari Jewelers got your back. Check out our collections for the perfect gift you’ll give to her.

In the end, it’s always up to you how much you are willing to spend for a jewelry gift for your girlfriend. I’d like to end with this: Lavari Jewelers: Your Style, Your Story. What matters most is the story and the meaning behind your gift. So, just have fun and enjoy shopping!

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