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Is It Okay To Give My Boyfriend Cubic Zirconium Jewelry

By Macy Matundan December 10, 2018

When it comes to giving your boyfriend any jewelry, there’s always a question raised if the act is actually appropriate. Is it fine for women (and men alike) to gift their man a jewelry? How about a cubic zirconium piece for that matter? Is it not awkward to do so at all?

In this article, let me discuss why it is definitely more than okay to give your boyfriend cubic zirconium jewelry. This type of jewelry may be usually given to girlfriends due to its appearance and design (i.e., appears like a diamond piece, thus it’s so sparkly) but you can give this to your boyfriend as well!

There are lots of types of jewelry for men, and ones with cubic zirconium on their design will surely be appreciated by your sweetheart. In this article, I will discuss the following topics to give you more perspective on what kind of cubic zirconium jewelry you will give your boyfriend.

  • Give him a useful piece
  • Choose a cubic zirconium jewelry that has sentimental value to him
  • Type of relationship and type of cubic zirconium jewelry to give him
  • Cubic zirconium jewelry from Lavari Jewelers

If you want to know more about more reasons why cubic zirconium is a great gift, read our feature about this awesome gem.

Read on and know why it is definitely okay for you to buy your boyfriend a cubic zirconium jewelry and see Lavari Jewelers collections!

When giving your boyfriend a cubic zirconium jewelry piece, always remember this: the most important thing is that you leave an emotional impact on him. But before choosing your boyfriend’s gift in the form of a cubic zirconium or any jewelry piece for that matter, make sure first if giving him that gift is appropriate.

Ask yourself first: if I give this gift, will he simply be thankful and happy about it or will it create an awkwardness between us? Are we in a stage of relationship where I can give him jewelry as a gift? It’s also worth considering if your man would even wear that jewelry regularly.

If yes, then go ahead and see the types of cubic zirconium jewelry you can easily give your boyfriend. Have fun hunting for the perfect piece for him!

Useful cubic zirconium jewelry for him

An important thing to consider when giving your boyfriend a cubic zirconium jewelry is if the piece will be useful to him. Can he really wear this jewelry all the time? Will he wear this jewelry at work? Or when he goes hiking/surfing/playing guitar with his friends?

Always make sure that the cubic zirconium jewelry you’ll buy for him is carefully chosen with a context that both of you understand. It should not just become a gift that he’ll receive but never wear at all. Putting this in mind will save you not only money for buying such a gift, but also emotional trauma thinking he doesn’t value the things you give him.

Cubic zirconium jewelry with sentimental value

It’s tricky to give your man something sentimental. Again, it will depend on the type of relationship you have. If you have been together for years, say at least 3 to 5 years, then giving a cubic zirconium jewelry bearing sentimental value is so acceptable. But, if you are only dating for a couple of months, or if you have not established your relationship quite well yet, then in my opinion, skip this type of gift or any jewelry gift. You might scare him a little. Lavari will be here when you are ready to take that step.

If you’re certain, however, that your man will be so happy to receive a cubic zirconium jewelry, then great! Go ahead and hunt for the best cubic zirconium piece for your boyfriend. Lavari Jewelers has a lot of cool stuff for your boyfriend!

Type of relationship equals type of jewelry

You can actually be free to choose whichever cubic zirconium piece to give your boyfriend. There are no specific rules (or laws!) that neither control nor prohibit you from giving him a nice cubic zirconium jewelry piece. But let me give you suggestions below on the type of cubic zirconium jewelry you can give him according to the type of relationship you have.

Give him a cubic zirconium earring or a stud if you guys are still in the early stages of the relationship. It’s unassuming, and it only means you want to add on his earrings/studs collection. Plus, there are so many cool-looking earrings and studs you can choose for him. It will definitely add character to his fashion style.

Give him this stainless steel mano stud round earring from Lavari Jewelers!


Other “safe” cubic zirconium jewelry you can give him include nose ring. They can also be added to his collection (of course, if he has nose pierced).

If you’ve been together for years now, then a cubic zirconium necklace or bracelet can be a good choice.

Lavari Jewelers stainless steel cubic zirconium cross pendant with blue and black ion plating

Why not give him this sterling silver cubic zirconium tennis bracelet if he loves sparkling jewelry like you do!

This stainless steel with cubic zirconium and black and blue ion plating bracelet is available at the Lavari Jewelers Thin Blue Line collection

If you are already very comfortable with each other and you know you can give him any kind of gift without being awkward after, then you may opt to give him a ring!

Give him this stylish stainless steel cubic zirconium ring with blue and black ion plating

Lavari Jewelers cubic zirconium pieces for him!

Note: these are just some tips and suggestions, and you may or may not follow them strictly. Bottom line is that you most definitely can give your boyfriend a cubic zirconium jewelry. Its sparkling and beautiful effects are not only for women; they are definitely for men, too!

Choose the perfect cubic zirconium piece for your boyfriend today, only at the Lavari Jewelers website. We have other types of collections for your man, too! Have fun shopping!

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