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Why Cubic Zirconium Is A Good Alternative To Diamonds

By Macy Matundan November 15, 2018

Diamonds have always been elegant parts of many jewelry pieces. It signifies the utmost beauty, sophistication, and luxury. Its lavishness, however, comes with a high price. If you are planning to purchase a diamond necklace, ring, or bracelet and are on a budget, there is no need to panic. There is an alternative to diamonds that can also look fancy and elegant that does not break the bank, Cubic Zirconium.

Look at this sterling silver thin stack cubic zirconium ring and see what I’m talking about when I say it also looks beautifully stunning like a diamond!

People tend to buy cubic zirconium jewelry pieces as an alternative to diamond due to its cheaper yet still beautiful features. More practical buyers look for this type of piece as a gift to special people in their lives and even for themselves. As you know more about this precious find, we’re pretty sure you will give cubic zirconium try and become a part of your jewelry collection as well!

Read along and learn more about cubic zirconium and some benefits you can get in getting this alternative to diamonds. To give you more background on cubic zirconium pieces, you will be able to encounter the following information in this article:

  • A brief history and background about the origins of the cubic zirconium gems
  • Whatcubic zirconium jewelry looks like
  • The different properties of cubic zirconium
    • Grade stones
    • Carat size (weight)
    • Cut (like diamonds)
    • Physical attributes (color and clarity)
    • Durability
  • Lavari Jewelers cubic zirconium collection

After you have finished this article, go ahead and check out our pretty collection of cubic zirconium pieces here on Lavari Jewelers!

What are cubic zirconium stones and where did it come from?

Before cubic zirconium was made in laboratories, it was discovered in 1892 in the form of a mineral called zirconium oxide. It was after about 8 decades when it became popular when scientists discovered that this natural mineral can grow in a laboratory and undergo a synthetic process. The synthetic products were then called “Djevalite” and were sold as simulated diamonds.

Another decade passed when cubic zirconium became more and more popular in fashion and even as a cheaper alternative to diamond engagement rings. Nowadays, cubic zirconium evolved into sturdier and clearer jewelry pieces that really look like diamond jewelry.

How cubic zirconium jewelry looks like

A lot of people prefer cubic zirconium, aside from being a cheaper version of diamond, it is easy to care for. Another interesting thing about cubic zirconium is that it can look completely transparent and have a brighter fire, even causing it to sparkle into rainbow colors.

Cubic zirconiumhas fire, which appears like a rainbow inside its crystals. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Cubic zirconium jewelry pieces are colorless, which makes it look more like a diamond jewelry. In addition, they are manufactured to appear flawless.

These lovely huggie hoop cubic zirconium earrings are from Lavari Jewelers

Different Properties of Cubic Zirconia

Grade stones in cubic zirconia—and like in other gems and in diamonds as well—are used in determining the quality of your jewelry piece. They are rated from A to AAAAA, from lowest to highest respectively. To determine which quality of cubic zirconium you have, it shall undergo the 4 Cs process, or through its Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat.

Like diamonds, cubic zirconium is cut to show the best features of the gem. It will depend on the skill of the stone cutter how good a cubic zirconium cut will become. There are four types of cuts: Brilliant Cut or the standard one, Princess Cut or the square cut, and Trilliant Cut or the triangular one, and Heart Shaped Cut or cut into the shape of a heart as the name suggests.

This adjustable cubic zirconium toe ring can be purchased on Lavari Jewelers

Meanwhile, the clarity is determined during manufacturing. The lesser the cloudiness of the cubic zirconium is, the higher its value. This is also the reason why cubic zirconium is clearer and flawless compared to diamonds. Furthermore, the color of cubic zirconium are white, and its quality also depends on how white or clear they appear. Finally, cubic zirconium are also rated by its weight or carat size.

The lowest grade stone of cubic zirconium or the “A Grade” ones are often used by artists to decorate their creations. It is mostly used to give sparkle to a costume or artwork. Meanwhile, the AAA Grade cubic zirconium are the most popular ones found in the market. They are more polished and are often used in reasonably priced jewelry.

The AAAAA Grade cubic zirconium stones remarkably look the same as diamonds. They are of high quality but not of really high price. It is affordable yet stunningly beautiful like a diamond.

Although it may look exactly like a diamond, cubic zirconium is an 8.5 on the Moh’s Scale or the gauge of its durability, against diamond which is a 10. With this, take good care of your cubic zirconium jewelry pieces to make its luster and beauty last longer.

Lavari Jewelers Cubic Zirconium Collection

Cubic zirconium stones are used in rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and in almost all types of jewelry, you have in mind. It can be found set in sterling silver, gold, and platinum. You can check out different styles of these wonderfully crafted pieces here on Lavari Jewelers. Enjoy!

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