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Sterling silver necklace can be considered as one of the jewelry staples people have. This is due to its awesome characteristics, such as being lustrous, beautiful, and affordable. This season, it will be a good move to purchase a sterling silver necklace for your significant other. It will be easy for you to look for the right type of sterling silver necklace
online that will surely cheer your loved ones up during the holidays!

More than the ease it will give you, buying your significant other a sterling silver during this season will be a thoughtful thing to do. Sterling silver necklaces will bear special meanings to your SO. That significance can be seen usually in the pendant you choose. So read along and visit the Lavari Jewelers website after, and see our pretty sterling silver necklace collections! 

Giving your significant other a sterling silver necklace can mean a lot of different things. Some of those reasons can be found in this article:

  1. Sterling silver necklace is very versatile
  2. It is a classic jewelry piece
  3. Sterling silver necklaces bear great significance
  4. It is easy to maintain the beauty of sterling silver jewelry
  5. They are simply beautiful

Enjoy reading and happy shopping!

Also, check out how to care for your sterling silver jewelry and keep them away from tarnishing.

Sterling Silver Necklaces Are Versatile

Sterling silver necklaces are always wearable regardless of occasion. It is one of its great characteristics: it is so versatile. It can be worn during a formal event, as its shine can standout. It can also be used even when you will just have a casual meeting with your friends in a coffee shop.

This sterling silver necklace with snowflake pendant is available at the Lavari Jewelers website.

When you are planning to give your SO a sterling silver necklace this holiday season, it will be best to choose a design that is apt for the season and for your partner’s peculiar personality. Look at your SO’s interests and choose which one you’d like your sterling silver necklace to capture. For instance, your boyfriend is an advocate of saving the environment, giving him a sterling silver necklace with a tree pendant this holiday season will to be the best idea.

Get this sterling silver tree of life necklace at Lavari Jewelers

Sterling Silver Necklace Is Classic

Sterling silver necklace is a classic jewelry piece. It means your SO can wear them for a very long time as it will never be out of trend. You can never go wrong in giving your partner a sterling silver necklace. They will be sporting it for different types of occasion.

This gorgeous sterling silver necklace and amethyst and cubic zirconia twisted cross pendant is found on the Lavari Jewelers website

Sterling Silver Necklace Bears Significance

Sterling silver necklaces bear great significance when given to your special person. It can be so meaningful and personal, as you can choose a pendant that will symbolize the memories you shared with one another.

The sterling silver necklace gift you give your partner will have its pendant placed near the heart! How symbolic it will be, right?

Your partner will surely appreciate you giving this sterling silver necklace with heart bar pendant.

Sterling Silver Necklaces Are Easy To Clean

Sterling silver necklaces are easy to maintain. After using it, be sure to clean your sterling silver necklace to get rid of oils or other dirt that it has accumulated. Use warm water and gently wash your sterling silver necklace.

You may use even a small glass of warm water.

However, in cases when there is already tarnishing to your sterling silver necklace, do not panic; there are simple ways for you to do. You may use a vinegar-baking soda solution to get rid of tarnishing. Prepare a solution consisting of half cup of white vinegar and 2 tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl. Soak your sterling silver necklace for about 2 to 3 hours and rinse thoroughly after. If in doubt, however, do not hesitate to go to the experts or to a jewelry shop to have your sterling silver necklace cleaned.

You can also check out our post on How To Keep A Sterling Silver Jewelry From Tarnishing? for a more detailed guide.

Sterling Silver Necklaces Are Pretty

Simply put: sterling silver necklaces are beautiful! Their shine and gloss are so captivating. Your significant other will surely appreciate your sterling silver necklace holiday gift! The great thing about this present is that you can always customize through pendants. Whether it’s about your recent trip or an unforgettable experience, you are free to put thought to your holiday gift.


Sterling silver necklaces are so universal and flexible that your SO, regardless of her or his style, will surely appreciate this type of gift during the holiday season. The most important thing is that you put effort and thought on what you will give her or him.

Go ahead and click on the Lavari Jewelers website and explore our sterling silver necklace collection.

Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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